The internet in public schools essay

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Establishing The Internet in Public Schools

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12 December This was a quote taken from an internet article that supports the theory that sex education should be kept out of schools. Teachers are trained to do their jobs to the best of their ability, but no matter the situation teaching, like many.

The Internet is a good example of this, and we should all take a much closer look before we decide whether the Internet has a purpose and a place in the public schools of tomorrow. We will write a custom essay sample on Establishing The Internet in Public Schools specifically for you. The act provides three different types of funding; 1) aid to elementary and secondary schools; 2) Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants to States for support of public libraries; and 3) the E-rate program that provides technology discounts to schools and public libraries.” (“Children and the Internet” National Conference of State Legislation).

Many believe the most opportune way for their child to succeed in studies is by attending a private school.

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On the other hand, another group of parents thinks that public schools are the better route. Nevertheless, public schools have been proven to be more successful in the education of a maturing child.

There is lots of harmful material on the Internet though, “Perhaps most troubling is the role Internet has come to play in bullying and harassment,highlighted by the series of high-profile suicides in the last few years.”(Dileonardo, Diana, “The Debate on Internet Censorship in Public Schools -IPLJ”) Suicides are never a pretty thing.

The aim of this essay is to provide a brief yet a comprehensive review on the arguments on public education, school supervision, and evaluation of education and school supervisors.

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Supervising and public schools. Public education is a milestone in the US social history.

The internet in public schools essay
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Essay on Internet for Children and Students