Ethical issues for school counselors

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A Look at Ethical Issues in School Counseling

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The challenge of working not only with minors but also with. The ethical standards of ASCA and the American Association for Counseling and Development (AACD) present school counselors with the behaviors to which they should aspire and give general guidelines for addressing difficult issues.

The professional school counselor: zc. Provides parents/guardians with accurate, comprehensive and relevant information in an objective and caring manner, as is appropriate and consistent with ethical responsibilities to.

This presentation is intended to raise awareness of ethical, legal, and professional issues in school counseling, and reduce the risk of unethical or.

A Look at Ethical Issues in School Counseling

ASCA's Ethical Standards for School Counselors are the basis of ASCA's ethical program. ASCA also has Ethical Standards for School Counselor Education Faculty. The association also publishes books and journal articles on legal and ethical issues, as well as addressing them in the members-only Resource Center.

School counseling legal and ethical issues can run the gamut of topics. Here we’ve gathered some of the more frequently asked legal and ethical questions to help guide you in your daily work. On several IEPs, the special education director at my school has included that weekly counseling .

Ethical issues for school counselors
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Ethics and Legal Issues in School Counseling