Annual prize distribution function of school

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Annual Day and Prize Distribution 2017

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Prize Distribution Ceremony Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2018

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Annual Prize Distribution Ceremony

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Pratap Public School, Karnal celebrated its Annual Prize distribution ceremony on February 13,amidst great zest, vibrance and elation. The function was presided over by Hon’ble Joint secretary Mrs Poonam Bhatia and Director- Principal Mrs Poonam Navet.

The Annual Prize Distribution function was celebrated at Sanskar School on 20th December in the memory of (Late) Shri Kanni Thahryamal who chartered a way ahead in the field of world class education through his vision. Primary Annual Prize Distribution and Cultural Function Nov 21, The Khaitan School celebrates Annual Prize Distribution and cultural function of primary wing.

date sheet for IX & X commencing from March, CHIEF GUEST:ncmlittleton.comer Sangwan ncmlittleton.comnda. All News. Annual Cum Prize Distribution Function (Udaan) Celebrated in the School on Grand Parents Day Celebrated in the School on " Agnihotra Yagya" Organized in the School.

Satluj School’s 42nd Annual Prize Distribution Function concluded. Three days 42 nd annual funcation concluded at its campus sector 2, Panchkulla. The program commenced with a devotional Call -“Shri Krishan Stuti” to seek the blessings of lord Krishna.

Annual prize distribution function of school
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