An investigation into senior secondary school

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An Investigation into Physics Teaching in Senior High Schools

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Senior Thesis 1

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This study focus on the investigation into the relationship between teaching methods and academic performance of senior secondary school students in Lagos State. Limitation of the study.

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This study is limited to senior secondary school students in Lagos state. investigation into the study habits of senior secondary school students in Maiduguri metropolis. A study conducted by Dawa, Adamu and Olajimi () found that study habit skills counselling significantly affect students’ academic performance.

senior secondary school students in Maiduguri. academic performance. Therefore, the intent of this study is to identify those factors influencing students' academic performance in high school. Investigation into the factors that might influence students' academic performance in high schools may contribute to enhancing students' learning abilities in upper secondary education as well as helping them to.


Certificates Examination but optional at the senior school certificate examination except for. Thesis 1 & Thesis 2 are a year-long self-driven investigation into the research, prototyping and design of an identified question, critique, or point of view., It provides an opportunity for design innovation and inquiry through the rigorous research and development of a capstone project, through various pathways across platforms.

The. CAREER ASPIRATIONS: AN INVESTIGATION OF SENIOR entrance into, the effort made to ensure progression including acquisition of further training, awareness level of contemporary high profile careers by Senior Secondary School students in Ogun State, Nigeria. Literature Review.

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