After school activeties

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After-school activity

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Extracurricular activity

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School Activities

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For example, school clubs can offer a place to form relationships and foster learning, and this was demonstrated with multiple groups. After School Activities The ASA program is fee based and offers a wide variety of activities for primarily elementary students.

For more details and to register for the activities please click on the appropriate link in the menu bar to the left of this page or open the banner below.

Cure your kids' after-school boredom! Find information on after-school activities ranging from after-school programs, sports teams, after-school jobs, outdoor activities, or at-home entertainment.

The Canadian Active After School Partnership is an initiative to establish a program delivery framework targeting all levels of government, decision makers, non-profit and for profit organizations and front line staff as well as others with a commitment in quality after school programs.

The objective is to enhance the delivery of quality after-school.

After School Activities

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These activities are provided during After-School Period 1 (ASP 1) p.m. An additional after-school period (ASP 2) will be provided only to students who are bus riders.

ASP 2 will be from p.m. Students in ASP 2 will be provided with additional supervised activities.

After school activeties
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